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Regular or Casual Pool Servicing

Our pool maintenance services will have your pool sparkling all year round. Choose from weekly, fortnightly, monthly or casual visits.

We deliver expert advice for your pool. Our mobile service is available 7 days per week, with visiting options for regular or casual maintenance. Call or message us today and begin enjoying your valuable leisure time and leave the cleaning and other pool maintenance to us.

Pool-care steps undertaken during each maintenance visit:

1.  On-site digital water testing & analysis
2.  Check equipment for correct operation
3.  Backwash filter
4.  Emptying skimmer & pump baskets
5.  Net top of pool and brush walls, tiles & steps
6.  Clean automatic pool cleaner’s bag and filter
7.  Vacuum bottom of pool, tiles and steps

Service Cost Options (plus chemicals):

Weekly $80, Fortnightly $85, Monthly $90 or Casual $120.
(* based on average size pool of 8 metres x 4 metres)

For a more accurate cost estimate enter your pool details into our instant quote.

Pool Maintenance

Water Quality

Water quality is maintained in your swimming pool through a combination of water circulation, filtration and chemical balance.Water that is chemically balanced provides a safe and healthy swimming environment.

Chemicals are added into swimming pool water so that the water is safe and isn’t a health threat. If chemical levels are too low, it can lead to severe corrosion problems on pool surfaces and equipment. Conversely if chemical levels are too high, the formation of scale can appear on your pool surfaces and equipment.

Filter Types

Along with the pool pump, a filter is an essential part of your pool equipment. There are two common types of filters that are currently sold in Australia, Sand Filters and Cartridge Filters.

Both types of filter do the important job of filtering fine particles and removing other contaminants (dust, dirt, hair, oils) from your pool, but both are different in their effectiveness and maintenance requirement.

Cleaning Green Pools

The cause of green pool water is generally a combination of the following:

Pool water can quickly grow algae and turn green without chlorine. Most Algae is harmless, but water that is green can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects, making your pool unsafe to swim in.

Pollen can be carried into your pool by the wind or rain. Pollen is harmless to yourself or your pool and is easily removed.

Metals that have oxidised can cause your pool to turn green. These metals can be introduced into your pool from the water source, cheap algaecides or from metal components in your pool if your pool water is acidic.

Pool Equipment & Parts Replacement

When the need arises for any equipment or parts replacement (for failure or upgrade reasons), we can visit, analyse and install for you.
Equipment replacement or repair includes all filter, pump, chlorinator or automatic pH controller options.

Expert Analysis & Action for Your Pool

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