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Pool Maintenance

Leak Detection

Your Pool Have A Leak?

A pool losing water is a concern for many homeowners, because of the cost and time it takes for re-filling. Evaporation is the cause in most cases, but this can be minimised with the use of a pool cover.

If your pool has a leak, this could be from any of the fittings, equipment, plumbing or the pool shell itself.

Bracing Drained Pools

A Simple Method To Determine If You Pool Has A Leak

During the summer months, it is normal for your pool to lose approximately 25mm each week through evaporation.

If you’re losing more water than this, place a brick or rock in the bottom of a bucket and sit the bucket on the steps of your pool. Fill the water in the bucket to be the same level as your pool and clearly mark the water level in the bucket.

Run your pool equipment normally and check one or two days later, if the water level in the bucket is higher than your pool there is a leak.

If you do have a leak, repeat the test with the pump turned-off. This will help to isolate if the leak is coming from the pool shell itself, or from the pool equipment, fittings and plumbing.

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