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Leak Detection

CleanPools leak detection division specialises in locating and fixing complex leaks in residential and commercial swimming pools and spas.

The cause of your pool leak will be found either in the shell of your pool, PVC pipe-work, pool light(s), pump(s), filtration or heating equipment. In 90% of cases the leak will either be in the shell of the pool, in pipe-work or in equipment (not multiple leaks in different places).

We use non-invasive, non-destructive leak detection technologies including highly sensitive water loss/evaporation measuring equipment, combined with hydrophones, low-voltage conductivity technology, pipe pressure testing equipment, electronic listening devices, dye testing and underwater cameras to professionally find the source of your pool’s water leak.

Our non-destructive leak detection services include locating:

  • Pool Leaks
  • Spa Leaks
  • Specialty Equipment Leaks
  • Fountain Leaks
  • Pond Leaks
  • Therapy, Swim and Plunge Tank Leaks

Once the leak is accurately located and pin-pointed, we will then provide a quote for any repair work needed.

Expert Analysis & Action for Your Pool

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